Darshan Academy, Hisar
C.B.S.E Affiliation No.- 530541

Rajinder Week of Meditation and Peace

Seeing luminous sights within, the soul begins to drink the nectar.

 In honour of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s birthday, the Darshan Academy Hisar campus was filled with emotional and recreational touches. During this special occasion, the loving Darshanites organized special assemblies and made them more colourful by sharing Maharaj Ji’s biography, writing some of his poems, playing role-playing games, etc.   Students enthusiastically displayed their beautiful posters about DA Agreements, which showed all aspects of a child’s being that make them capable of meeting challenges and leading a fulfilling life based on wisdom, ethical values, decision-making skills and a sense of mutual respect.

" You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future."