Darshan Academy, Hisar
C.B.S.E Affiliation No.- 530541

We don’t feed the birds because they need us, but we feed the birds because we need them. Students of Darshan Academy, Hisar participated in a birdseed and water feeder activity under the guidance of eco-club members. Young and cheerful Darshanites made birdseed and water 
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Every year on July 3rd, International Plastic Bag Free Day encourages people to cut down on the use of plastic bags. Darshan Academy Hisar understands that it is a unique opportunity to spread the word that a plastic bag free world is possible with sound 
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On World Oceans Day, students of Darshan Academy, Hisar joined hands to protect the most significant body of water surrounding us, the oceans. Through beautiful posters and charts, they displayed the critical role of the oceans in sustaining our livelihoods. Their incredible presentations successfully awakened 
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Learning at Darshan Academy, Hisar is all about nourishing the mind by infusing a driving spirit among students. Darshanites felt highly motivated after attending the EWASH International Conference 2020, organised by STE (Save the Environment) on December 19 & 20.   They got acquainted with 
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"Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream transforms into thoughts and thoughts result in action. "