Our Clubs

Grade III onwards each student of Darshan Academy is a member of one of the ten different clubs running in the school. Students get an opportunity to bring out their hidden talent and to improve their skills. Various activities such as exhibitions, educational excursions, competitions, community service projects, workshops and presentations are organized round the year to showcase their talent. Teachers train and motivate students to take part in different competitions at zonal, sate, and national level.

Personality Development Club

The Personality Club aims at developing communication skills and attitude.

Eco Club

The Eco Club conducts various activities related to our environment. Some of the activities are celebrating Environment Day, creating a herbal park, maintaining the garden, and learning about recycling and composting.

Science Club

The Science Club aims at cultivation of innovative thinking, scientific aptitude and problem solving skills. It prepares students to participate in the Science Olympiad and NTSE.

Computer Club

The Computer Club helps students explore developments in the IT sector. It prepares students to participate in the Computer Olympiad.

Sports Club

The Sports Club enhances the athletic talent and prepares students for inter school competitions.

Art & Craft Club

The Art and Craft Club aims at promoting creative skills in the students in the field of art and craft.

Shram Dhan Club

The Shram Dhan Club aims at inculcating selfless service and helps students empathise with the needy, and work for the betterment of the society. Students help in maintaining the store and playground.

Music Club

The Music Club brings out the dancing and musical talents of students and prepares them for various competitions.

Library Club

The Library Club aims at creating a joy for reading and develops an interest in literature.

Stamp collection

The Stamp Collection Club makes students aware of the history and importance of stamps and stamps from around the world.


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