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Book Fair, Dasuya

(December 18, 2017)

On 18 November 2017 a Book Fair was organised at Darshan Academy Dasuya by Heuristic Education Co. Jalandar. DA Dasuya Principal inaugurated the event by cutting the ribbon. He said that books are good friends and that through books we can acquire a great deal of knowledge sitting at home. In this modern era where the internet and smart phones have taken the place of books, it has become important to help students realize the joy of reading a book. Books were displayed for different age groups and on a variety of topics. The presence of parents at this book fair made it special. They appreciated the efforts made by the school for organizing such book fairs which help to enhance the knowledge of students. The fair was also visited by students from other schools. It enabled the inquisitive and interested children to browse through the displays and discover new books of their interest.

Math Project Activities, Ludhiana

(December 18, 2017)

A wide array of Math project activities were held at Darshan Academy, Ludhiana from December 7- December 9, 2017. Students participated enthusiastically in the activities. The math topics were divided by classes Nursery to IX. Each class worked on a specific topic such as angles, quadrilaterals, multiplication, addition, polygons and so forth. All classes excelled in making brilliant exhibitions and presenting exciting models, worksheets, flashcards, games and presentations- all created by the students. The LMC Members and Principal Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh congratulated the students and their teachers for the efforts and hard work resulting in wonderful math displays.

All India Karate Championship, Hisar

(December 18, 2017)

India is home to a diverse population playing many different sports across the country. Building on this spirit of team work, the NATIONAL ALL INDIA OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP was held from 17 to 19 November 2017 at Darshan Academy, Hisar. The chief guest of the day was Senior BJP Leader Mr. Rajesh Nagar from Faridabad. Approximately 550 students from different states participated in this championship. About 20 students from Darshan Academy participated in this event. All the players performed enthusiastically under the guidance of the coaches. Our sport stars Digvijay and Dhruv from 5th class and Priya from 9th class won gold medals whereas Nistish and Ankush from 4th and Natik from 3rd won silver medals. Anil from 6th and Manit from 3rd received bronze medals. The championship was successfully organized in the presence of our chief guests ASI CID Rajesh Chandela, Chaudhary Malkhan Singh, Chaudhary Devender Nagar, Chaudhary Sukhpal Nagar, Chaudhary Pratap Nagar, and Mrs. Maya. DA Principal, Ms .Jessica Kamble, gave an encouraging speech as she applauded the students for their hard work and motivated them for their future. She thanked the parents whole heartedly for their support, love, cooperation and for their encouraging and motivating words. She promised to continue striving for excellence in all future endeavors.

Kids o’ Festum, Delhi

(December 18, 2017)

Darshan Academy Delhi organized a fun-filled two day celebration packed with activities for the students. The objective of the ‘Kids O’ Festum’ event was to inspire Darshanites toward authentic acts of kindness and to become responsive, caring and socially aware citizens in future. The day began with a special themed assembly with performances by the teachers. First was a focus on Pt. Nehru who loved children and worked for the educational progress and welfare of children. Next a skit on student diversity showcased the uniqueness of children. This was followed by games, music and songs. Teachers sang a foot-tapping musical parody and performed a lively dance for the students. The assembly concluded with an enlightening speech by Principal A. David who urged the students to do selfless service for others. The next day parents, teachers and children enjoyed a wonderful fete with activity centers, delicious foods and a bumper prize for the youth. Ice cream and an Aloo Tikki French fry stall were a definite crowd pleaser. The event also invited children from a nearby slum to enjoy the day’s fun with everyone. The program concluded with a thanksgiving to all who participated, sponsored and worked to create such a wonderful day which was free to all the students. It was a true celebration and demonstration of a joyful event of kindness shared.

Grandparents Day, Jalandhar

(December 18, 2017)

Grandparents’ Day was celebrated on 30-11-2017 at Darshan Academy Jalandhar. The celebration commenced with the traditional candle lighting ceremony by the Honorable Chief Guests followed by a welcome song and a speech by the Principal. All the grandparents were warmly welcomed by the school staff and made to feel special with different games that were organized just for them: Couple modeling, counting game, dadu make chapatis, parandi tying, put bindi on dadi maa’s forehead, put bangles in the box, etc). Prizes were distributed and there were some surprise gifts to add to the fun. Garima from grade 6th, delivered a speech explaining the significance of the Grandparents’ Day celebration. Songs and dance performances were also presented by the tiny tots who were very excited to perform before their grandparents. Several students performed a wonderful role play with a message of reviving moral values in society. The grandparents appreciated the effort of Darshan Academy to inculcate ethical living in children through teaching and by example. The Chief Guests shared their views about the importance of the day and encouraged the students to learn from their grandparents as they are the well-wishers and support for them always.

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