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Teacher Training Programme

(January 16, 2019)

Darshan Academy Lucknow organized a professional spiritual curriculum training programme for the teachers. During the workshop teachers focused on articles of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj from the Speaking Tree. After meditation teachers presented topics from the articles. Mr. M.S Bhatia, who observed the workshop, gave praise to the teachers and said that the values expressed could be followed in our day to day life. Headmistress Garima Dhillon said, the main reason for the workshops is to provide enrichment information for the student value based education.

Thanksgiving Day

(January 16, 2019)

Darshan Academy Delhi organized a Thanksgiving Day giving thanks to God for a successful and peaceful year and for all the blessings in the lives of students and staff. Students from different classes performed a musical ballet on the theme of “gratitude for everyone” (family, friends, teachers, community) in our lives who make our life comfortable and joyful in this world. Ms. Ishita, the program coordinator, encouraged students to appreciate everyone, including themselves, who did good deeds every day. She said being a positive person can bring a positive change in the lives of others. Mr. A David, Principal, concluded saying what a loving and meaningful assembly with a wonderful message was created by the students.

School Excellence Award 2018-19 for Darshan Academy Kaithal

(January 15, 2019)

It was an incredibly proud moment when Mr Susheel Kumar, Principal of Darshan Academy Kaithal, received the Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2018-19, among top 500 schools of India. It was given in the category of Best Schools, Safety and Security, Life Skill Education and Co-Curricular Activities, for attaining excellence in growth and enhancement of school education. The award program was organized by Brainfeed in December at Agra.

First and Second Prizes in Painting Competition

(January 15, 2019)

A painting competition was organised by the Shaheed Baba Lal Singh Gadri Committee in Ludhiana. One hundred and forty students of different schools took part in the competition, including twelve students of Darshan Academy Ludhiana. DA Ludhiana student Khushi, of IX class, won first prize and Ramesh, of class X won second prize in their categories. Two more DA students received lucky draw prizes as well. There was a magic show for the entertainment of students and a motivational talk by Mr. Sushil Arora to encourage students for betterment in studies. Ms. Sandeep Kaur, teacher of Art & Craft, was also awarded with the Award of Honour.

Don't Worry Be Happy Through Meditation

(January 15, 2019)

A Spiritual Workshop was held at Darshan Academy Dasuya on 8 January, 2019. Ms. Usha Arora was the resource person. The workshop was held in two sessions. The first session was for teachers and the topic was “Positive Mentoring through Meditation”. This workshop was narrated by anecdotes illustrating the importance of meditation in one’s life. The second session was for students- classes VII-XII. The topic was “Don’t Worry Be Happy through Meditation”. Problems students may face were discussed and tips were given how to relieve stress. One of the most important things is an attitude of gratitude and not make comparisons to the lives of others. The workshop was impactful for both teachers and students.

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