Darshan Academy Poetry Fest

In Memory of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj [1921-1989]

I have learned to cherish all creation as my own,Your message of love is the very meaning of my life.

Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj (1921-1989) is known as a great poet-saint and one of India’s foremost poets. He is the recipient of four poetry awards. His poems began being broadcast on national radio when he was only seventeen.

During Sant Darshan Singh Ji’s four world tours, he was presented with the keys to many cities and was honoured by the Colombian parliament with its Medal of Congress and by the Congress of the United States with citations of merit.

He worked tirelessly to spread the message of human unity and peace throughout the world and published books translated into over fifty languages. He emphasized pursuing spiritual goals while fulfilling all our obligations to family, society, and the world. Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj was imbued with love for all creation. Divine love was his hallmark and was reflected in his every word and action.

An All Darshan Academy Poetry Writing and Recitation Fest is being organized in memory of the Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj. The aim is to encourage students to develop their own creativity, poetry writing and recitation skills. The following activities are being conducted in all the schools:

Poetry Recitation

The event will be organized in the following categories:

  • Group 1: Nursery & KG
  • Group 2: Class I & II
  • Group 3: Class III & IV
  • Group 4: Class V & VI
  • Group 5: Class VII & VIII
  • Group 6: Class IX & X
  • Group 7: Class XI & XII
  • Group 8: Teachers
  • Group 9: Parents & Grandparents

For Nursery to grade II ( i.e. groups 1 & 2) , the poem for recitation should be selected from the poems enclosed in Annexure 2.For groups 3 to 9 the poem for recitation can be selected from the attached Annexure 1 Or any other poem by Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj.The best recitation from each group is to be recorded. This should be saved in CD/DVD and sent to DEF.The recording of poems received from the schools will be judged on the following parameters:

  • Pronunciation and accent (10 pts)
  • Expression/Feeling (10 pts)

The best entries in each group across DAs will be awarded:

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

The poem should be recited and not be sung like a song. Students may be given 1 mark in the next internal assessment as part of reading project. Participant should say their own name, class, name of the school, name of the book and poem before recitation on the CD/DVD. In case of young students, the teacher may do this.

Poetry Writing

  • Group 1: Class III & IV
  • Group 2: Class V & VI
  • Group 3: Class VII & VIII
  • Group 4: Class IX & X
  • Group 5: Class XI & XII
  • Group 6: Teachers
  • Group 7: Parents

The event is to be organized during Enrichment period (zero period). Required 100% participation by students in all academies.Participants can submit their composition/s either in Hindi or English or in both.The best three entries of each group will be sent to DEF from each academy. Entries may be submitted in one of the following forms.

  • Original neat handwriting
  • Typed on A4 Sheet
  • Soft Copy

The top three entries in each group from amongst all entries submitted by the schools will be awarded.Participants can write a poem on any topic from the Darshan Academy Spiritual Curriculum. Students may compose their poem on any one of the topics of the Spiritual Curriculum, in Hindi or English. If they wish they can combine a few or all of the topics into a cohesive whole (not fragmentary) .The Poems received from the schools will be judged on the following parameters:

  • Adherence to and treatment of theme(10 pts)
  • Creativity (10 pts)
  • Use of Language(10 pts)

The best entries in each category across Darshan Academies will be awarded:

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

Annexure 1:

Annexure 1:

Annexure 2:


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